School Workshops

In addition to the resources we have developed for use in schools, members of the German department are very happy to come into schools and colleges in and around  Bristol and Bath to run workshops on this topic. The workshops draw on the project findings and will be of particular interest to those teaching PSHE and citizenship, history, and politics.

The workshops have been designed as an interactive learning environment combining a short explanation of the research with a series of group discussions and activities. They encourage students to think critically about media representations of Eastern Europe and migrants from former socialist states, to draw on eyewitness accounts in order to understand everyday life in a socialist society, and to consider whether they, as members of a capitalist society, can learn anything from the experiences of former Eastern European citizens.

The format of the workshops is deliberately flexible – they can be adapted to fit students’ learning needs and can be arranged to take place at a mutually convenient time throughout the academic year. If you would like to arrange a workshop in your school or college, please contact Debbie Pinfold ( to discuss your needs further. We look forward to hearing from you!

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